Our Team

David Nevins, President & Co-Director

DavidNevins.pngAs one of the initial driving forces behind the Bridge Alliance and as president and co-director, David Nevins brings business acumen, vision and a tireless this-must-and-can-be-done zeal to the burgeoning movement to bridge divides to transform the political process. As a business leader, Nevins excels at building bridges between people and organizations from the right, left and center for civilized conversation and then action.

He co-founded the Bridge Alliance because, as he says, “No matter how well managed and how well funded anyone organization is, significant political reform will not happen without an alliance to further collaborative interactions. Together we can and will raise the collective impact of all.”

He is a member of the Aspen Institute Society of Fellows, with a focus on the Aspen Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership, he established and continues to work with The Nevins Democracy Leaders program at Penn State University. Nevins graduated with honors in economics from Penn State in 1969 and received an M.B.A. in finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He continues as President of Nevins Real Estate Management.


Debilyn Molineaux, Co-Founder & Co-Director

DebilynMolineux.pngDebilyn Molineaux co-founded the Bridge Alliance to harness the exponentially growing field of organizations into a “game changing” movement that shifts the underlying dynamics of power, politics, and participation in our country. She works with the staff, board members and other leaders of Bridge Alliance members in advancing the common mission of all 80+ organizations. Debilyn brings a passion to her work that is contagious to all around her.

Hailing from a conservative, agricultural community, Debilyn started her career as a small business owner, working with community businesses to promote and grow their own operations through advertising and marketing. After engaging other women business leaders, Debilyn was inspired to become more active in the political process.

Her own personal experiences -- as a small business owner, a local candidate for office, and an elected president of a national organization -- have given her enormous insight into the challenges facing citizens who want to get involved and organizations that want to scale their impact.

In addition to her Bridge Alliance work, Debilyn continues to bring her insight to entities seeking to grow their participation and efficacy. She developed and serves as managing partner of Living Room Conversations, as an Advisor to Allsides.com and to the Oregon-based Ingenuity Innovation Center. She was elected as president of Coffee Party USA, a nonpartisan movement working to restore the principles and spirit of American representative democracy.

Debilyn is an ontologically trained coach and is especially adept at guiding organizations in new ways to bring out hidden talents of volunteers and staff who become valuable assets. 


Jelmarie (Juno) Maldonado, Social Media Director

JunoMaldonado.pngJelmarie, commonly known as Juno,  is a recent graduate of University College London, where she obtained a Masters in Human Rights. Currently, she is the founding partner of a social media marketing agency that specializes in nonprofits and small businesses with a social mission. As for her future aspirations, Jelmarie hopes to one day work directly with policymakers in the area of international or domestic politics. For now, she continues to travel the world and build-up her company so that it will become the leading digital marketing agency for nonprofits worldwide. 




Katie Page, Executive Administrative Partner

KatiePage.pngKatie is a recent Sociology graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder living in Denver, CO. She is the Executive Administrative Partner at Living Room Conversations and Bridge Alliance. Katie interned for a Colorado State Representative helping mold public perception about the legalization of marijuana and being a top contributor on multiple education bills. She is dedicated to spreading meaningful and trust-building communities around the world.  She loves spending her free time with her dog and friends and is passionate about helping improve society.




Victoria Hattersley, Consultant

Victoria-_Web.pngAfter 19 years driving project management, quality management, change management, knowledge management, training, and quality culture at PAREXEL International, I transitioned into a role where I can apply my skills to the civic engagement arena. My current focus is helping organizations like the Bridge Alliance that are devoted to improving productivity, fairness, and civility in our political process, working with a firm trans-partisan approach.  I also want to ensure that we execute a strong communication plan that gives hope to those Americans who are dismayed with the current polarization and stagnation,  conveying the vision that we WILL advance our political discourse and our process, to benefit the US, in particular, and the world in general.




Jeremy Garson, Legal Counsel and Associate Project Director


Jeremy Garson is an attorney who is licensed in Maryland and Washington, D.C. He graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 2014 and, until recently, served as a labor / employment attorney. Jeremy has previously served as a constituent caseworker handling veterans' affairs and tax casework for a Democratic Congressman. He also worked on a Democratic presidential campaign. He is now dedicated to pushing against the nation's "us vs. them" mentality and promoting understanding among progressives, conservatives, libertarians, and everybody in between. Jeremy is passionate about sports, and in particular Michigan Wolverines football and the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia 76ers.





Doug Nickel, Director of Development

TeamPhoto.pngDoug Nickle is a political reformer and a dedicated proponent of citizen accountability. He seeks to end America’s addiction to the negative influence of partisan, media cycle politics.

Following a professional baseball career as a pitcher, Doug worked in the California wine industry, while also serving on the boards of two non-profits. Always politically active, he founded Make California Count- an Electoral College reform organization- in 2013. He participated in the development of biotech and technology start ups, and worked as a volunteer for a veterans workforce integration non-profit. Most recently, Nickle was founder and Executive Director of Dare To Be United- a nonprofit reform organization focused on creating a more responsive government through citizen engagement. Doug is the author of the book The Point of the Gun, a guide to choosing firearms for responsible personal defense.

Doug was born in California while Ronald Reagan was still Governor of the Golden State. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. After Cal, he was drafted to play professional baseball, and pitched in the Major Leagues for the Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres. He currently lives in Arizona with his wife and daughter and four-legged children.